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Answering the most commonly searched for questions about wigs!

21 Apr 2023

As experts in the wig industry, we have answered a wide variety of questions about wigs.

According to a popular website, Joe Public has searched the web over 80 times with different questions about wigs.

We have selected the top 10 searched questions and provided answers to each one, here we go!

 1. Are wigs uncomfortable?

Many people ask whether wigs are uncomfortable, particularly young family members. The answer is no; wigs should not be uncomfortable unless they have been badly fitted or your head was measured.

To learn how to measure for an accurate fit, read our blog.

 2. Are wigs bad for your hair?

Wearing wigs can be bad for your hair and can cause damage and hinder hair growth if not worn properly. It is important to take proper care of your natural hair and scalp while wearing wigs. It is recommended to give your hair and scalp a break from wearing wigs for a few hours every day, and to use a wig cap to protect your hair and scalp from any potential damageRead our blog to learn more.


3. Are wigs itchy?

When you start wearing a wig, it may feel warm, like wearing a hat indoors, and can be itchy. To reduce itchiness, wear a wig cap.

 4. Can wigs look natural?

Yes! Wigs can look natural, particularly if you purchase a human hair wig. Knowing how to style it makes all the difference. Read our blog on figuring out your face shape to get the most from your wig.


 5. Can wigs get wet? / Can wigs be washed?

You can wash your wig, but going swimming in it is different from getting caught in the rain. Read our blog to get the lowdown on washing your wig. If you are a keen swimmer, our blog on swimming with a wig will help you.

 6. Can wigs cause headaches?

Wigs can cause headaches if they have not been properly secured or fitted. To learn more, read our blog on the topic.

 7. How do you put on a wig?

We can help you put on your wig generally and also provide guidance on putting on a wig when you wear glasses and how to wear a wig with a face mask.

 8. do wigs stay on?

There are many ways to secure your wig, such as wig pins, wig glue, wig tape, and wig clips. These options can keep your wig on firmly throughout the day.


9. What are the best wigs?

The best wigs are the ones that make you feel like you. There is no right answer to this question. Find the wig that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

 10. Wigs where to buy?

From of course! AB is here to help you with any wig related information you might need. You don’t need to search the internet looking for the most sensible response to your questions. With over thirty years in the business, we have answered a huge range of questions and helped thousands of people. We are on hand to assist you whenever you need advice, information, or support on any aspect of wig wearing

We hope we have answered your questions about wigs. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you enjoy wearing your wig!

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