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The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing Real Human Hair Wigs and Toppers

12 Jan 2023

When purchasing a wig for the first time, it can be a difficult and frustrating process. Some wig seekers are simply unsure of where to begin when presented with so many new hair and wig-related phrases. aleeciasboutique wants to make the wig industry less mysterious so that you may shop with confidence and knowledge. Read on to learn everything you need to know about real human hair wigs, whether you're a wig veteran eager to try something new or you're deciding if wearing a wig is the correct choice for you.


Natural, synthetic, and human hair

It appears very simple when we use the word "genuine human hair," don't you think? Making a wig is as easy as taking human hair from someone's head. I guess not quite. Human hair may actually undergo a number of different treatments that alter the way it feels, looks, and lasts as well as how best to take care of it.


Let's begin with the fundamentals. When compared to synthetic wigs, which use fibers made by humans but not found in nature, human hair wigs are radically different. Real or natural hair can relate to human hair, although not all of it is; many real hair wigs are from animals, like the yak, whose hair texture is surprisingly similar to that of humans.

Remy hair

We need to learn more about the structure of hair in order to comprehend what it means for hair to be considered Remy hair.


The three layers of a human hair strand are as follows:

The inner Medulla is the soft, brittle, and almost undetectable innermost layer of the hair shaft, and it has minimal bearing on how hair behaves.


The Cortex, an intermediate layer, is where the keratin and proteins that give your hair strength are located. It is also where chemical reactions from perms and dyes take place.


An exterior cuticle layer is made up of numerous thin, transparent cell layers that overlap like scales or roof tiles.


The cuticle layer is given extra consideration in remy human hair wigs and toppers, which ensure that all of the scales are pointing in the same direction. This is significant since the inner Cortex is shielded from the environment by the cuticle layer. Brushing and style pull the cuticles tightly against the Cortex when they are all pointing in the same direction. Closing the cuticle not only protects the hair, it also allows light to cleanly reflect off the strand, giving it a glossy, healthy shine.


A Remy human hair wig or wig let is a hairpiece with all the cuticles arranged facing downward. The hair is typically taken directly from the donor’s head and tied together so that it will remain in this natural state. Because of the attention to this detail Furthermore, Remy wigs have a great gloss, a natural appearance, and a long lifespan.



Virgin Hair

Despite the fact that the phrases "virgin" and "Remy" are sometimes used interchangeably, they actually denote two quite different things. Virgin hair is always undyed and free of chemical processing. No bleaches, relaxers, perms, or colors have ever been used to alter the chemical structure in any way. Remy human hair wigs and half wigs are typically made of virgin hair, while this isn't a requirement.


Non-Remy Hair

The majority of the time, non-Remy hair is chemically treated. The hair is treated in an acid solution to peel the cuticle layer from the cortex because the cuticles are facing both up and down and it would be extremely difficult to reposition them. To restore some gloss, a coating of silicone is applied next.


The benefit of this method is that non-Remy wigs are more prone to damage, don't keep color as well, and won't last as long, but hair without a cuticle is much easier to color. Non-Remy wigs and toppers are better for persons who prefer to alter their look frequently because they are less expensive in the short term.


Discover the designs you adore from our large variety of wigs made from 100% human hair. Find more about the advantages of beautifully made real human hair wigs from exquisite layered appearances to quality human hair bobs from aleeciaboutique


How to Choose a Human Hair Wig

Here are a few last things to think about while choosing the human hair topper, wig, or extension that's best for you:



Non-Remy hair wigs are available in many colors and are simple to dye. They are more affordable than alternative choices and ideal for those who enjoy experimenting with various appearances. On the other side, they don't look as natural, last as long, or keep as much shine as other wigs do.


Wigs made with Remy hair have a lot of gloss, can withstand style for up to a year, and are durable. They may be styled and heated just like your natural hair. They can be more challenging to color and have a smaller variety of colors than non-Remy wigs. Typically more costly, these wigs



All human hair accessories should be cleaned, rinsed, and styled before use. Human hair cannot be worn right out of the package.


  1. The base will be harmed by a hot water rinse.
  2. Sleeping, taking a shower, or swimming while wearing is not advised.
  3. To prevent unpleasant kinks or crimps, hang items up to dry.
  4. To avoid damage, avoid brushing wet hair.
  5. A competent hair stylist should perform any cutting or chemical procedures, such as perming or dyeing. Lifting or bleaching human hair is not advised; depositing color yields the best results.

For additional information, see our Guide to Real Human Hair Wigs and Toppers!


When thinking about buying a wig, the most frequent question is: Should I go with a real human hair wig or a synthetic wig? With a 100% human hair wig from Aleecia Boutique, you can rediscover the flexibility and versatility of creating your very own particular style. Both types of wigs have advantages and disadvantages. Guaranteed to be real human hair, each individually hand-tied strand can withstand heat from a variety of styling equipment and has the look and feel of natural hair. Because we offer the most recent in wig technology, human hair wigs can look to be naturally growing hair and can be specifically cut, styled, and colored to your preferences.


It's never been simpler to add natural-looking volume to your hair with 100% human hair extensions from The aleeciaboutique. We provide a wide range of clip-ins and extensions that can either enhance your already gorgeous hairstyle or add new style and fullness to thinning hair. Match your natural hair color or add a new hue to your style by selecting from a wide range of colors. Aleecia Boutique offers a Free Color Matching Service as well as a helpful Guide to Real Human Hair Wigs and Toppers if you're having difficulties determining what color or type of hair to buy. Allow our color specialists to properly match the appropriate color for you to your natural hair.


You can use the same styling tools and products on 100% real human hair extensions as you can on your own hair, so don't worry about that. In fact, you can dye the extensions using the same method as your original hair if you desire to change the color of your hair. With human hair clip-in extensions, there are countless styling possibilities!

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