Who we are


Aleecia’s Boutique was created in 2022 by Sam & DJ after Sam was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in June of 2022. Within a week of her diagnosis she had to start chemotherapy treatment which doctors told her would cause hair loss. On top of needing such serious treatment, naturally most people who have hair would feel a bit overwhelmed with this type of information.

Sam wanted a way to combat this so she could still go out in public and feel normal. she didn’t want people to feel sorry for her as she wanted to feel strong and normal about what was happening to her and that it will be over soon. Wigs are not only for hair loss though. Many people use wigs for a different look. Sometimes some peoples hair may be unruly or not to their standard as well. Wigs help all kinds of people with a lot of different needs so we wanted to provide for that with a beautiful collection of affordable wigs.


Sam loves being able to pop on a different wig and get on with her day, it’s simple and they look good even if her own hair is not. Aleecia’s Boutique aims to foster an inclusive, supportive, encouraging environment for all women, no matter what their beauty needs are.